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Step 1

Go to (Link opens in new tab.) Note that previous credentials from the former Support Center don’t work, so you need to sign up for new credentials.

Follow the steps below for the best sign up experience. Please open a support ticket if you any questions. (Link opens in new tab.)
Step 2

Click the Sign up button

Step 3

Enter your first and last name, and email address. Email address should be lower-case only (no caps). When done, click the Sign up button once. It may take several seconds to process, so please be patient.

Note: If you click the Sign up button more than once, you will receive a message that your email is already registered. Proceed to Step 5.

Step 4

The system will confirm that a verification email has been sent.

Step 5

Check your Inbox for an email from Document 360 regarding your Kardin Customer Center Sign UpCopy the temporary Password and then click Verify Email Address.

Step 6

With your email verified, click the Sign in link.

Step 7
Enter your email address and temporary password then click the Sign in button.

If you would like to change your system-assigned password after successfully signing in, please see the Change Password article in your new Customer Center.

Enjoy your new Customer Center!